Version 3.1.0

The latest release of dyn4j adds a number of new features. See the features page for more details or the release notes. It also contains a number of important bug fixes. On the other hand, the API has been changed slightly and may break code written against older versions.

The Sandbox app has also seen some changes. Many bug fixes along with the features in dyn4j have been added. In addition, the threading issue on some platforms has been resolved by using the Newt-AWT bridge offered by JOGL. This makes the app far more efficient at handling input. The Sandbox includes precompiled tests along with the declarative (xml) tests. This allows the deprecation of the TestBed application. The Sandbox will take its place as the sole testing application.

Launch the Sandbox

When running the Sandbox application you may be asked to accept a certificate from me (I just self signed the JARs). The certificates will expire six months from today.

Both applications require Java 1.6+.