Version 0.7.2

It’s been a while and to be honest I haven’t completed much (as far as implementation). However, the current version of the project is now 0.7.2 so at least you can see we are getting closer to release. The latest version contains a number of improvements and two joints. The testbed received a little face lift and the tests have been tweeked for consistency.

I’ve been a bit side tracked with real life and explanations of the algorithms used in dyn4j on my blog.

I created a new testbed pre-release in addition to show some of the changes made.

When running you may be asked to accept a certificate from me (I just self signed the JARs). The certificates will expire six months from today…

The “Pyramid” test from the TestBed

All the releases require Java 1.6+. Be sure to type the “c” key to get the TestBed Control Panel so you can play with the simulator.

Use the Controls tab to view all the key board and mouse options. Use the Tests tab to run a test of your choosing. Use the Draw Options tab to set what is drawn to the screen. And finally, use the Simulation Settings tab to play with all the different settings allowed by the engine.